Milkshakes and milkshakes for ice cream shops and bars

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Coconut Mocha Frappe Mix

Coconut Mocha Frappe Mix, a delightful beverage that combines the creamy and sweet taste of coconut with the rich and robust flavor of chocolate...

Frozen Yoghurt Frappe Mix

Frozen yoghurt Frappe Mix, with its irresistibly fresh and creamy taste enhanced by delicate sweetness and a hint of acidity. It's slightly...

Iced Cappuccino Frappe Mix

The Cold Cappuccino Frappé Mix has a rich and creamy taste, similar to that of a classic cappuccino, but with an added freshness as it is served...

Matcha Chai Frappe Mix

Matcha Chai Frappe Mix, a unique blend of herbal and spicy flavours. Matcha, with its vibrant and slightly bitter taste, harmoniously combines...