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Hot Chocolate Mixes
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Cola Granita Mix 960g

Cola Granita Mix. Refreshing and popular beverage for warm summer days, with a distinctive taste reminiscent of the classic cola drink. Its cola...

Instant Lemon Tea Mix 1kg

Instant lemon Tea mix Moka Professional, with a fresh and lively lemon aroma. It's like a gust of citrus breeze welcoming you instantly. The...

Instant Peach Tea Mix 1kg

The instant Cold Peach Tea mix, offers a refreshing and tasty experience. Its fresh and inviting fragrance combines the sweet and juicy scent of...

Hot Chocolate Mix 40% 1kg

Hot Chocolate 40% Mix. A delightful hot chocolate with a gentle sweetness that allows the rich flavor of chocolate to shine through, all thanks to...

Lemon Granita Mix 960g

Lemon Granita Mix, characterized by the lively and tangy freshness of lemon. It has a crisp and intense note, with balanced sweetness that allows...

Lime Granita Mix 960g

Lime Granita Mix has a fresh and vibrant lime flavor, with a pleasantly tangy note that awakens the senses. Its sweetness is delicate, allowing...


Powdered Beverage Mixes

Enjoy Tasty Drinks with Easy 3-Step Recipes

Explore our wide selection of powdered mixes for hot and cold beverages, specialized in creating irresistible blends. With our easy 3-step recipes, you can create delicious drinks in just minutes, perfect for bars, restaurants, or enjoying comfortably at home.

Varieties for Every Season

Each blend can be prepared in cold, hot, or iced versions, perfect for every season of the year. Whether you crave a refreshing summer frappé, a cozy hot chocolate in winter, or a refreshing granita, we have the powdered mix to suit your tastes.

Discover Our Selection

Explore our range of powdered mixes for frappés, hot chocolates, granitas, and instant teas, available for both cold and hot beverages. We've selected only the finest ingredients to ensure authentic flavor and perfect consistency in every sip.