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Explore our range of frappe powder mixes, perfect for bars, restaurants, street food vendors, gelaterias, and yogurt shops.

Enjoy hassle-free preparation with our frappe mixes, designed for quick and easy blending in just 3 simple steps

The Moka Professional's frappe mixes are versatile, ideal for both cold and hot versions, with or without ice. Perfect for enjoying all year round.

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Classic Coffee Frappe Mix

Classic Coffee Frappe Mix, delights the senses with its creamy texture and rich coffee flavour. Its bold taste creates an unforgettable taste...

Frozen Yoghurt Frappe Mix

Frozen yoghurt Frappe Mix, with its irresistibly fresh and creamy taste enhanced by delicate sweetness and a hint of acidity. It's slightly...

Salted Caramel Frappe Mix

Salted Caramel Frappe Mix, a delightful creamy beverage that combines the sweetness of caramel with a slightly salty note, creating a unique...

Spiced Chai Frappe Mix

Spiced Chai Frappe Mix, enriched with cinnamon and star anise, offers a creamy and fragrant taste that envelops all the senses.  Chai acts as a...

Milkshake Base Mix

Milkshake Vanilla Base Mix, characterized by a sweet and creamy taste, enriched with the delicate and enveloping fragrance of vanilla. With the...

Cafè Mocha Frappe Mix

Café Mocha Frappe Mix, a harmonious fusion of robust coffee and creamy chocolate, tantalising the palate with its rich, velvety flavour. This...

Cheesecake Frappe Mix

Cheesecake Frappe Mix, provides a decadent and indulgent taste reminiscent of the classic cheesecake dessert. The creamy tones of the cheese...

Choc Mint Frappe Mix

Choc Mint Frappe Mix, a surprisingly balanced taste experience. The creamy chocolate wraps around the palate with its indulgent sweetness, while...