Granita Mixes

Refreshing Granitas: Cool Summer Treats for Every Taste

Discover the perfect blend of fruity goodness with our granita powder mixes. Ideal for bars, restaurants, street food vendors, gelaterias, and yogurt shops. Easy 3-Step Preparation for Delicious Granitas

Our granita powder mixes offer easy preparation in just 3 simple steps. Perfect for busy establishments looking to serve up tasty frozen treats quickly.

Experience the ultimate in granita perfection with Moka Professional granita powder mixes. Designed specifically for bars and venues aiming to delight their customers with fresh and flavorful granitas.

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Blue Raspberry Granita Mix

Blue Raspberry Granita Mix, has a refreshing and fruity taste with a hint of tartness. Blue raspberry flavor typically combines sweetness with a...

Cola Granita Mix

Cola Granita Mix. Refreshing and popular beverage for warm summer days, with a distinctive taste reminiscent of the classic cola drink. Its cola...

Cream Soda Granita Mix

Cream Soda Granita Mix, is a refreshing and slightly fizzy beverage, while its icy consistency contributes to making it refreshing and enjoyable...

Grape Granita Mix

Grape Granita Mix, a beverage with a rich and juicy taste, enriched by intense notes of ripe grape bursting in the mouth. It's sweet and slightly...