Who is Moka Professional for?

Discover how Moka Professional products can elevate your business!

The powdered blends Moka Professional provide a smart solution for expanding product offerings in commercial settings while also being suitable for convenient and practical domestic use , without any space or time wastage.

Restaurants and Bars

In restaurants and bars worldwide, our line of powdered preparations is favored for its quality, versatility, and ease of use. Thanks to the simple three-step preparation, it's possible to instantly create cold or hot beverages that surprise and delight even the most discerning customers.

Dessert Spots

Ice cream parlors and bakeries are places of culinary excellence, where every creation must be perfect. Our products offer a wide range of options to create tasty desserts and beverages, allowing professionals to express their creativity and satisfy even the most refined palates.

Street Food

In the world of street food, where speed and quality are essential, Moka powdered mix are an ideal option. With our 3-step recipe, you can offer customers delicious and refreshing beverages, perfect for any season and every occasion.

At Home

Not only for professionals, our mixes are also perfect for home use. You can easily prepare at home frappes, creamy hot chocolates, instant cold teas, granitas, and milkshakes, turning every moment into an indulgent experience.