Smoothie Base Vegan Mix 1kg - Moka Professional for bars, hotels, catering and home

Smoothie Base Vegan Mix 1kg

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The base mix for vegan smoothies has a neutral and creamy taste, providing a smooth and velvety consistency to your smoothies without altering the flavor of the added ingredients.

As it is neutral, it blends well with a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients, allowing you to customize the taste of your smoothie according to your preferences.

Easy-to-prepare mix in 3 Steps.

Whip Up Tasty Beverages in Under 1 Minute!

Suitable for Professional and Home Use.

  • Gluten-free
  • Hydrogenated fat-free
  • GMO-free

A 1kg bag yields around 16 servings!

1 Serving = 400ml finished drink

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Drink Cost 1,06€

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